GRP Tank Frequently Asked Questions

It would take around 2-20 working days depending on the size/capacity of the Tank.

As the capacity of tanks increases, GRP tanks are more cost efficient. Also maintenance cost is comparatively lower.

No Service failures have been reported in 40+ years. Leakages can be plugged permanently by re-placing the Panels. The Tanks have been tested for heavy impact, weather, loads, settling and earth quakes. They have a proven Safety factor of 6 x above maximum anticipated load and have Excellent ultra violet (UV) resistant characteristics and performance.

We can employ Tanks of any shape based on your space availability. We have employed L share and T shaped tanks as well taking into account the space avail abilities.

Though we taken utmost care to ensure there is no leakage, in such an event, the damaged panel can be replaced and the issue can be resolved permanently.

No. In fact GRP tanks are less than 1/10 th in weight compared to RCC Tanks.

Yes. Our GRP Tanks can be dismantled at any time and re-installed subsequently. This is a significant improvement over RCC Tanks which would need to be destroyed and re-contructed subsequently.

The storage Capacity of GRP Tanks can be extended at any time as the Storage Requirements increase. There is a scalability on that front.

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