Case Studies of GRP Tanks

Case Study 1 – Ground Service Reservoir in Karnataka


Project: Rural Drinking Water Supply (Ground Service Reservoir)

Tank placement: Ground Level

Location: Pandavapura, Karnataka

Capacity: 270,000 L (10m x 9m x 3m)

Year: 2015

Site Challenges:

–Water tank required at the top of a hillock (natural elevation) with poor access of vehicles

–High cost of execution in RCC due to  Requirement of construction of road for RMC trucks and vehicles

–Time taken in RCC due to site issues would exceed 120 days due to site condition


–Use GRP panel water tank for meeting the project timeline, with a permanent, cost effective and fast solution


–270KL tank capacity

–GRP Tank 3m high

–External reinforcement

–Galvanised skidbase


–Design, delivery & Installation completed in 45 days

–No requirement of road

Case Study 2 – High rise in Mumbai


Capacity: 5 tanks of different capacities to fulfil building water requirements.

Year: 2017

Site Challenges:

–Water tanks required at Terrace level of multi-storey high-rise residential complex

–Required Installation time of GRP tank – within a few weeks. This was not possible using RCC structural tank which would take a few months.

– Suggested to have light weight tank at terrace level on site considering safety reasons – Weight of GRP tank is 1/10th of RCC tank weight, it was finalised as it was much safer for the terrace slab load.


–Use GRP pre-fabricated water tank for a long lasting, cost effective, and low weight at structure.

– Fast execution – installation completion within a week.

Case Study 3 – Conference Center in Cochin


Project: Conference centre Water Supply

Tank placement: Terrace Level

Location: Kochi, Kerala

Capacity: 49,000 L (With Separations)

Year: 2010 -11

Site Challenges:

-Difficulty in installing RCC tank due to space constraints.

-Terrace structured concrete slab not able to withstand the RCC water tank load due to modifications in design structure.

-Terrace level existing RCC column would be clashing with RCC tank structure.


–Use GRP prefabricated water tank for a long lasting, cost effective in a flexible manner without clashing with column structure.

Other advantages: light in weight & enhanced water capacity within the existing space availability.


–49 KL tank capacity

–GRP Tank 2m high

–External reinforcement

–Painted skidbase


–Design, delivery & Installation completed in 45 days

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