We, Smartage Projects Pvt Ltd, provide all Drone Solutions from selection of platform to with right sensor along with Drone Flying Training at any place across the country irrespective of Geographical Location. Our Business Motto Anytime Anywhere which makes us different from others which is…..

Conceptualisation to Operationalisation

Drone Technology is rapidly growing in popularity and has broken down hard traditional barriers across industries globally. Over the years, drones have become central to the functioning of various businesses and government organizations. From scanning an inaccessible location or military base to monitoring an area or multiple areas, drones are proving to be extremely beneficial.

The Platforms

Smart Eye

Smart Doc


Smart Drishti


Alpha 450

Operations and Services

We provide all weather capable highly operational Drones and formidable Drone Training for all spheres of operations to beat the manned solutions in the right prospectives of operations. ​
Starting from a tactical use to a cargo delivery drones have numerous applications. And the numbers are increasing day by day. We provide you the order of correct Drone application with right sensor with tailored solution from low cost to high end operations. Our main features includes Tactical Surveillance (all weather day and night) assistance in Fire- Fighting, Cargo Delivery, Aerial Photography, LiDAR solutions and any such application that you may think of.


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