How GRP Tanks score over other types of water tanks

Types of Water Storage Tanks are listed below Steel Tanks GRP Tanks Plastic Tanks RCC Tanks (Concrete Tanks) Comparison of various types of Water Storage Tanks based on various considerations to facilitate decision-making is listed below:3 Excellent: ✓ ✓ Good: ✓ Average: ~ Poor: ✗ Benefits of GRP Tanks: No corrosion Non-Toxic no coating needed Mirror-smooth surface prevents

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Why Choose Smart Projects for Water Storage solutions?

About Smartage Projects:Smartage Projects Pvt. Ltd.  is a private limited company based in Mumbai, India and incorporated in the year 2007 under the leadership of Mr. Siddhartha Sen & Mr. Nishchal Padhya, both individuals with sizable experience in foreign trade.Smartage is engaged primarily in value added trading, distribution and marketing services. Headquartered in Mumbai and

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