Materials of Construction

Typical GRP Tank Illustration (Internal Reinforcement)

Typical GRP Tank Illustration (External Reinforcement)

Panel Material Characteristics

Accelerated Weathering Test Results

TUV SUD PSB Singapore, and The Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) has certified POTAGLAS GRP panels to SS245:1995 “Specifications for Glassfibre Reinforced Polyester Sectional Water Tank”. In addition, Potaglas Tank Sdn Bhd and SIRIM, in a joint research project, have subjected POTAGLAS GRP panels to ‘accelerated weathering’ tests. During the test, the GRP panels are subjected to 4000 hours of simulated rain, sunlight and UV rays and the results as shown in the table below. In these tests, POTAGLAS GRP panels maintained their structural integrity for about fifteen years of simulated service life, in tropical conditions, duly demonstrating their long term durability.

Typical Design of Footing

The water tank must be supported on a steel footing without any torsion or deformation. Potaglas recommends the use of suitable steel materials for the tanks ranging in size from 1.0 – 4m height and combining the main beams “a” and sub beams “b”.


Steel Skid Base

Design Conditions

Optimum Structural Design

Structural Analysis using Finite Element Method (FEM) is used to test the design of panel as well as the reinforcement system.

Elevated Design Structure

GRP water tanks can also easily be installed on steel towers which consist of truss and lattice type construction.

Our proposed structures are recommended for certain extreme conditions. Lighter structures may be utilized under other operating conditions.

Elevated Water Tank

Shape & Design Flexibility

GRP Panel Tanks are flexible in shape. This is useful to accommodate the tank in odd shaped locations and get the maximum capacity.

Since the tank is transported in disassembled condition, no special equipment is needed to mobilize the tank to the correct location at site. On site, our trained teams perform the installation, fixing of flanges and testing (Visual Non-Leak Test)

Base Panels designed for Drainage

Design of the base panels and drain panels is such that it allows complete drainage of the tank for maintenance. This avoids stagnant water, and allows the tank to be thoroughly and quickly cleaned for maintenance.

Flanges and Connections

  • Special ‘flat’ panels for connection of sleeves (flanges)
  • Up to 600mm diameter possible on a single flat panel
  • Drilling of inlet/outlet at site (only on flat panels)


POTAGLAS GRP Panel tanks have been approved by several certification bodies. Manufacturing and Supply is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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